Wellness Retreat/Service Trip

Center & Love Yourself. Serve those in Need. Connect with God, Yourself and Others!



You will personally grow through personal development, wellness, spirituality & faith, purpose & healing workshops. All while enjoying nourishing food for your body, yoga and wellness classes for your mind & emotions, enjoying & exploring the nature around us!


We partner with organizations on the ground in each country and host mini-retreats for those affected by trauma, human trafficking and vulnerable populations.  These consistent of the themes: identity, healing, wholeness, purpose, community & empowerment.


Learn how to live your life with more alignment & purpose back home! The reality is, you will be going home a transformed individual and that is not easy when you go home to a world that feels the same. We’ll help you integrate & cultivate a purposeful life back home!


Learn to tell your story, facilitate your gifts, and lead authentically with those in need and the world around you!


Are you ready to embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, experience other cultures and serve those in need?  Take the leap and watch God transform yours and others lives!

Be a part of the movement


This is for you if:

  • You desire to make an impact and be of service to the lives of others
  • You have an adventurous heart & spirit & want to know a new culture
  • You want to learn and teach wellness , wholeness , healing & empowerment modalities for those affected by human trafficking
  • You’re ready to dance, laugh, cry, and experience freedom & self expression!
  • You’re open to yoga, wellness, and healing modalities
  • Desire to grow in your own personal journey, and connect closer to yourself, God and in community of like minded women
  • You are open to experiencing God in new ways
  • You know you have a life that is made for MORE than the mundane & ready for be transformed forever

Are you ready for your Wholeness Journey?

The Wholeness Journey is about helping others cultivate wholeness in mind/body/spirit, connection with God, and service to those in need.  We  focus on the themes of identity, healing, wholeness, purpose, and community.

We achieve this by offering unique experiences that are a blend of missions trip, yoga retreat, spiritual journey, and self-development workshops.  The unique tools we use are story telling, yoga/wellness, art, and beauty so those who join the experience teach those we serve.  Both the participant and the one we are serving both have life changing experiences.

It’s important to be aware that it’s not only about a life changing experience but how you take your experience and infuse it to live purposefully back home.



” Being here I have received the opportunity to be around other women like me: Who have gone through the similar things as me and that I can validate their experience by making them feel supported and loved and that they’re not alone and there is hope for them. Instead of a life of survival, they can live out of joy and peace. “

– Olivia Crosby

” I came on the Wholeness Journey to reconnect my passion for people and service and not lose that part of my heart in the busyness of life! ” 

– Abby Jermasek

“This experience of The Wholeness Journey is a fire that ignites! It doesn’t end here, it begins here.”

 – Drea Taylor

” What I’ve received from this time is ACTIVATION. And being around people who say YES to this. It feels like coming back HOME to who I am and who I’ve always loved being or to let myself be.” 

 – Whitney Hancock

” This experience has been amazing. it’s been a blessing in my life to see all these women come together to help empower other women. It’s been so lifegiving and fulfilling. I’m changed and when I leave here. I know things will not be the same yet will allow me to propel in life.”

– Renee

Upcoming Retreats




  • Adventure in the natural beauty of Costa Rica.
  • Learn to love yourself and fill up your cup with wellness, healing, purposeful and empowerment workshops that you will then know how to give to others.
  • Host mini-retreats for the local women & girls rescued from the sex-for-sale industry creating a space for God to bring hope, restoration, and redemption.
  • Delve into how to cultivate, & teach on wholeness, wellness, leadership and beauty….you may facilitate a body movement or nutritional class =)
  • You will grow in your leadership abilities
  • Build meaningful relationships with your team and the women we serve
  • Be equipped to share about topics such as worth, identity, healing, forgiveness & empowerment through storytelling and vulnerability
  • Learn to share your unique story, giftings, and wholeness journey with others
  • You will dance a lot, laugh & cry. You will experience freedom & self expression!


  • All meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner –get excited for some yummy local food and experiences!
  • All stay is included- The first part of the trip together during service days, we will stay close to our organization partner, then we will adventure onto a second beautiful location for our team retreat
  • All transportation on the ground
  • An island day adventure
  • Wellness Sessions & Personal & Spiritual Development Workshops
  • Wholeness Journey Journal & Gifts!
  • Service days with our organization partner, working with girls, women rescued from the sex-trade
  • Training on how to host workshops to vulnerable populations
  • *Airfare NOT INCLUDED


Join us on a CO-ED Wholeness Journey to Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an adventurer’s paradise, known for its stunning beaches and beautiful rainforests. Outside of the tourist destinations, however, are large pockets of poverty, family brokenness, and abuse.

We are preparing a transformative journey for you, and we can’t wait to share.