Are you ready to embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, experience other cultures and serve those in need?  Take the leap and watch God transform yours and others lives.

Be a part of the

Costa Rica 2022!

Do you long to make an impact? Hungry to break out of your day-to-day and connect with God, yourself, and others in a deep and powerful way?

This is an invitation to embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, emerge into a new culture, and give of yourself. To adventure, serve, and experience the beauty of wholeness in mind, body, and spirit… in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is an adventurer’s paradise, known for its stunning beaches and beautiful rainforests. Outside of the tourist destinations, however, are large pockets of poverty, family brokenness, and abuse.

During Wholeness Journey Costa Rica, we will partner with Transforma. Transforma serves vulnerable women living in extreme poverty, women who have suffered physical and emotional abuse, women coming out of prostitution, teenage and single mothers and their children, vulnerable elderly women, and undocumented migrant women fleeing political upheaval in neighboring countries. Through their personal and community development programs, Transforma offers an environment for healing, empowerment, and transformation.

Vanessa,  the founder of Transforma, has seen a decline in the mental and physical health of her women throughout this pandemic. As there is a continued struggle for health, safety and connection during these hard times as the country combats the virus. Transforma needs rejuvenation, a renewed hope and health — mind, body & spirit. Enter Wholeness Journey Costa Rica!  

We are going to have the unique opportunity to pour into both the women and staff of Transforma — making a lasting impact in the lives of women in need. Transforma believes that when you transform a life, you transform a community. 

Join us and help write a new story in the lives and communities of hurting women in Costa Rica — a story of redemption, restoration, and hope.

Your trip leaders, Christina Barnes, Jessica Dahl, Hannah Maher and Jenna VanderHaar are trained in leading on the mission/service field and as yoga/wellness instructors. They bring combined experiences from ministry and the beauty, wellness, coaching and self development industries to lead you in this unique combination of mission trip and yoga retreat.  You will be using tools such as story-telling, art, and yoga/wellness practices, to love on the vulnerable women of Costa Rica.

Your team will:

  • Host mini-retreats for the local women creating a space for God to bring hope, restoration, and redemption 
  • Be equipped to share about topics such as worth, identity, healing, and forgiveness through storytelling and vulnerability
  • Learn to share your unique story, giftings, and wholeness journey with others
  • Delve into how to cultivate & teach on wholeness, wellness, and beauty….you may facilitate a body movement or nutritional class =)
  • Build meaningful relationships with your team and the women we serve
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who God is and who you are as God’s daughter
  • Enjoy rejuvenating yoga classes and fresh, local meals
  • Adventure in the natural beauty of Costa Rica

Why Yoga/Wellness?

We were created as body, mind, and spirit. The exercise of yoga/wellness practices can help us:

  • Become more connected with our physical body
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Attune our spiritual ears in meditation and listening prayer to become more sensitive to hearing God’s voice in our lives and be empowered in who we are

Through this unique missions trip and personal retreat experience you will delve to new depths of faith, adventure, and wellness. You’ll step out of your comfort zone, serve women in need, and press into the wholeness & purpose God has for you.

Join us on Wholeness Journey Costa Rica!

COSTA RICA TRIP DATES: November 11th-November 18th

COST: $1800 ($150 deposit + $1650 fundraised)

DEPOSIT: $150 due by August 22nd to reserve your spot ( if a situation arises and we are not able to go, the full deposit can go to a future Wholeness Journey). 

Includes all costs on the ground: lodging, transportation, food and team supplies.

(Does not include airfare)


How to Apply?

  1. Fill out the Application Form- before each deadline
  2. E-mail with times to set up your phone interview will be sent to you
  3. E-mail with deposit Fee of $150 will be sent to you
  4. Create Fundraising Page
  5. Meet your Wholeness Journey team & raise funds
  6. Embark on your life changing experience!

APPLY HERE FOR COSTA RICA 2022- November 11-18

The Wholeness Journey is about helping others cultivate wholeness in mind/body/spirit, connection with God, and service to those in need.  We  focus on the themes of identity, healing, wholeness, purpose, and community.  

We achieve this by offering unique experiences that are a blend of missions trip, yoga retreat, spiritual journey, and self-development workshops.  The unique tools we use are story telling, yoga/wellness, art, and beauty so those who join the experience teach those we serve.  Both the participant and the one we are serving both have life changing experiences.

It’s important to be aware that it’s not only about a life changing experience yet it’s how you can take your experience and live purposefully back home.

Can’t go on a Wholeness Journey Trip?  There are other ways you can still join our team by prayer and donations below!



Stories are coming soon…….