Are you ready to embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, experience other cultures and serve those in need?  Take the leap and watch God transform yours and others lives.

Be Apart of the

Our last trip in Colombia February 2020!

Are you hungry to break out of your day-to-day and really make an impact in the world?

This is an invitation to embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, emerge into a new culture, and to give of yourself. To adventure, to serve, and connect more deeply with God… in Medellin, Colombia.

Nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring,” because of its beautiful climate, Medellin is located in a bowl within the Andes. Wherever you go in the city you are surrounded by gorgeous mountainous landscape. The second biggest city in Colombia, Medellin offers the chance to experience the bustling, chaotic Colombian culture amid a backdrop of soaring mountains, leafy coffee plantations, and stunning views.

Once dubbed “the most dangerous city in the world,” Medellin has worked hard to shed it’s 1990’s image connected to drugs, gang warfare and violence. In fact, in 2013, Medellin was named ‘Innovative City of the Year’ by the Wall Street Journal in celebration of their policy of social urbanism – aimed at inviting previously alienated, impoverished citizens into the city and investing heavily in progressive infrastructure, architecture and education. Their urban innovation has received accolades worldwide as they’ve been able to decrease crime and poverty immensely.

But in the wake of so much transformation, there’s still a lot of healing needed for the people of Medellin.

During Wholeness Journey Colombia, we will partner with Cuidad de Refugio. 

Cuidad de Refugio is a team of passionate people committed to loving God and serving the needs of others, offering holistic assistance and opportunity to Colombia’s most vulnerable populations. At Cuidad de Refugio, you’ll meet families & women coming out of homelessness, addiction, and prostitution. Through a one-year Christ-centered restoration program with feeding, housing, restoration, education and microenterprise initiatives, they help provide short and long term assistance for those interested in restoring their lives and creating lasting change for their futures.

As women progress through the restoration program at Ciudad de Refugio, it is important to integrate education on wholeness and wellness: how to care for themselves in mind, body, and spirit so they can be prepared to fully embrace the healing God has in store for them and their families.

Enter Wholeness Journey Colombia! 

Join us and help write a new story in the lives of hurting women in Colombia — a story of hope, redemption, and restoration.

At the end of our time with the women of Cuidad de Refugio, we will travel outside Medellin to the picturesque lakeside town of Guatape. We will debrief as a team and discuss how we can implement all that God has taught us. We’ll spend time reflecting and dreaming about what wholeness looks like in each of our lives and we’ll encourage one another as we make plans to live more fully whole and purposeful lives back home.  It’s not a one time experience, as this will propel you forward with more clarity in what God has next for your life. During our last two days we’ll explore the colorful streets of Guatape, enjoy time on the lake, and even get to climb the famous Peñon de Guatape. It’s going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Who am I going with?

Your trip leaders are trained in leading on the mission field and as yoga instructors. They bring combined experiences from ministry and the beauty and wellness industries to lead you in this unique combination of mission trip and yoga retreat.  Your team will be made up of women of all ages, from around the USA — all passionate about serving others & pursuing deeper levels of wholeness and purpose in their lives.

Your team will:

          • Host mini-retreats for the local women creating a space for God to bring hope, restoration, and redemption
          • Be equipped to share about topics such as worth, identity, healing, wholeness and forgiveness through storytelling and vulnerability
          • Learn to share your unique story, giftings, and wholeness journey with others
          • Delve into how to cultivate God-centered wholeness, wellness, and beauty
          • Build meaningful relationships with your team and the women we minister to
          • Gain a deeper understanding of who God is and who you are as His daughter
          • Enjoy rejuvenating yoga classes and fresh, local meals
          • Adventure in the natural beauty of Colombia
          • Uncover more of your God-given dreams and passions and how to live your purpose back home after this experience

Why Yoga?

We were created as body, mind, and spirit. The exercise of yoga can help us:

      • Become more connected with our physical body
      • Increase mental clarity
      • Attune our spiritual ears in meditation and listening prayer to become more sensitive to hearing God’s voice in our lives

Through this unique missions trip and personal retreat experience you will delve to new depths of faith, adventure, and wellness. You’ll step out of your comfort zone, serve women in need, and press into the wholeness God has for you.


How to Apply?

  1. Fill out the Application Form- before each deadline
  2. E-mail with Application Fee of $25 will be sent to you
  3. E-mail with times to set up your phone interview will be sent to you
  4. Create Fundraising Page
  5. Meet your Wholeness Journey team & raise funds
  6. Embark on your life changing experience!



The Wholeness Journey is about helping others cultivate wholeness in mind/body/spirit, connection with God, and service to those in need.  We  focus on the themes of identity, healing, wholeness, purpose, and community.  

We achieve this by offering unique experiences that are a blend of missions trip, yoga retreat, spiritual journey, and self-development workshops.  The unique tools we use are story telling, yoga/wellness, art, and beauty so those who join the experience teach those we serve.  Both the participant and the one we are serving both have life changing experiences.

It’s important to be aware that it’s not only about a life changing experience yet it’s how you can take your experience and live purposefully back home.

Can’t go on a Wholeness Journey Trip?  There are other ways you can still join our team by prayer and donations below!



Stories are coming soon…….